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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services does your landscaping business offer, and where are you located?

    We specialize in lawn and landscape maintenance, as well as installing and renewing landscape beds and borders. We also offer retaining walls and hardscapes.

  • How can professional landscaping enhance the curb appeal of my home or business?

    A consumer driving past your business will judge the quality of your product or service by the way your building and landscape look. Weekly maintenance of the lawn and monthly maintenance of the landscape will keep your business looking crisp and professional.

  • What is included in your lawn maintenance service, and how often is it recommended?

    We recommend that yards be mowed, edged, and trimmed weekly after picking up all the trash on the property and the curb.

  • Can you provide year-round commercial property maintenance services, and what are the benefits?

    Yes, we do provide year – round commercial contracts that cover everything from the grass cutting to snow and ice management. Doing this takes the stress out of making your customers safe and your business looking top notch; While giving you control of your budget by having equal monthly payments throughout the year.

  • What is involved in spring and fall cleanup, and when should I schedule these services?

    Spring cleanup includes: removing leaves from the property, Cutting down unwanted growth, trimming trees or bushes as needed,

  • How do your snow removal services work, and do you offer emergency snow removal?

    We will make a contract that will give us the parameters or triggers for when service is required at your property. For example, We will apply salt when there is a precipitation event and the temperatures are or are predicted to be below 34 degrees, or we will plow when there has been 1.5 inches of snow recorded and we will return to clean the lot every 3-6 inches of snowfall.

    Emergency calls will be accepted if we can take on the extra work after our regular clients are cared for.

  • What are the key factors to consider when choosing the right landscaping plants for my property?

    When choosing plants it is important to know what kind of care is required throughout the year and as the plant ages. We can help you choose based on ease of care or the size and color you desire.

  • Are there sustainable landscaping options available to reduce environmental impact?

    A sustainable landscape is one that contains recommended plants for the growing region we are in and planted in the best location for sunlight and water required, therefore reducing the need for fertilizers and extra water.

  • Can you design and implement a custom landscape plan for my property?

    We always take the customers input when designing a landscape. We will recommend our favorite plants if the customer has no preference.

  • How can I prevent common landscaping issues, such as weeds and pests?

    Weeds in landscaping can be managed by adding a thick layer of mulch on top of the existing mulch, or installing a new weed barrier under decorative stones if the old barrier has worn out or was installed improperly. Treatments can be effective but do not correct the underlying problem.

    When it comes to pests, we leave that to the pest control companies.

  • What are the advantages of hardscape elements like patios, pathways, and retaining walls?

    Adding a hardscape area to your property adds a beautiful, usable entertaining space to your house. Retaining walls can make an unusable yard into an enjoyable, flat play area or add extra parking to your driveway.

  • Do you offer landscape lighting solutions for safety and aesthetics?

    We do not provide this service, but we will be happy to recommend contractors that have given our clients good service.

  • What is the best time to plant or reseed my lawn, and what care does it require?

    The best time to really renovate your lawn is the early spring, right as it is getting warm and the spring rains are past. Aeration and overseeding work well to transform a worn-out lawn to a lush carpet of grass. This can also be done in late summer when the heat of summer is past.

  • How do I prepare my landscape for harsh weather conditions, like heavy snow or extreme heat?

    Most plants do not require special care other than cutting the annual plants and trimming bushes to the correct size. Some plants may need to be insulated with a dome or wrapped in burlap to prevent branch spreading from heavy snow.

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